Sunday, 25 July 2010

Antibes Jumelages Association's newest member

Ann Elizabeth Schlegel

Ann Elizabeth Schlegel, an artist from Bethlehem, PA, beside her painting 'French Horn'. Ann has offered her assistance to the Antibes Jumelages Association in helping to create their blogging website and any art or graphic design projects that they may have in the future.

Ann is very happy and proud to be a member of the Antibes Jumelages Association.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Gerard and Nadine

Gerard Ghibaudo and Nadine Page

Gerard and Nadine worked diligently to ensure that the Paella party was a great success. They always were - and are - pleasant and accommodating.

Keep up the good work !

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Antibes Jumelages Plaques

Jumelages - Antibes Juan les Pins - Kinsale
20th Anniversary plaque

Jumelages - Antibes Juan les Pins - Newport Beach
20th Anniversary plaque

These solid brass plaques, a gift from the city of Antibes, celebrate 20 years of friendship and will be presented to the Mayors of Kinsale Ireland and Newport Beach, California upon the next rendezvous.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Antibes Picnic on the Beach - July 19th, 2010

Picnic on the Beach

Tony - Councillor, Kinsale Ireland

Wolf, President of Antibes Jumelages and Noel, Jumelages member

The three girls: Mary, Jacqueline and Jacqueline - Jumelages members

Beautiful day on the beach ... Martine and Jean organized a lovely picnic for the remaining visitors from Ireland ... tapinade, macaroni, tuna ... vin rose ... and for dessert, chocolate eclairs homemade by Wolf ... red wine ... and champagne.

Guitar playing by Jean and sing along. Tres fantastique !!!

Sunset on the Beach

Beautiful Antibes at Night

Paella celebrating 20th Anniversary - Kinsale, Newport Beach - July 16th, 2010

Paella party located in the beautiful shady grove across from Fort Carre, celebrating 20 years of friendship with sister cities Kinsale, Ireland and Newport Beach, California.

Cy- singer, Sergei - pianist, and upright bassist - the entertainment for the afternoon

Monsieur Dahan - Councillor, Monsieur Audouin Rambaud - Adjoint au Maire -Tourisme / Jumelages, Madame Jacqueline Bouffier - Adjointe au Maire

Preparing the Paella

Michel (Jumelages member) and Jeanine Brisset (Jumelages vice-president)

Yael Angel also sang beautiful selections

Plateful of Paella !!

Wolf says: Casanova and his girls ...

Audouin Rambaud presented the sister cities of Kinsale and Newport Beach with a lovely afternoon under the shade trees. Music, paella and vin rose added to the happiness felt by all.

Commemorative plaques for the 20th Anniversary honoring the sister cities of Kinsale and Newport Beach will be presented to our sister cities upon our next rendezvous !

Bijou Plage Luncheon - July 15th, 2010

Antibes Jumelages and friends meeting at the Hotel Ambassadeur before journeying to the Bijou Plage Restaurant for a Luncheon. Wolf, president of Antibes Jumelages and Richard Arnold, Mayor of Schwaebisch Gmuend in attendance.

Jacques Grima, former Adjoint au Maire, at Bijou Plage Restaurant

Keith Curry, Mayor of Newport Beach with wife Pam Curry

Nelly, Monique and Daniele - Jumelages members

Paulette Mas

Wonderful meal

Samantha from Newport Beach entertained us with a song

Colette and Christian Francois

Arlette, Marie-Claude and Jacqueline

Sophie, violinist and Nathalie, accordionist, with singers: Wolf, Jacqueline, Jean and Arlette

Enjoying the music of 'Trio Butterfly'

Fete Nationale - Eilenroc, Antibes - July 14th, 2010

Entering the beautiful olive gardens at Eilenroc

Dixieland Band

Playing 'When the Saints Come Marching In'

Antibes and sister city Fete Nationale ceremony

Audouin Rambaud, Adjoint au Maire - tourisme, Don webb, Council - Newport Beach, CA

Justin Myers (Newport Beach, CA), Tony Cierans (Kinsale, IL), Wolf Burg, President of Antibes Jumelages Association, Noel Riordan (Kinsale, IL)

Audouin Rambaud, Adjoint au Maire - tourisme, Keith Curry, Mayor - Newport Beach, CA

The flags of Antibes and her eight sister cities

Welcoming dinner party at the home of Christian and Colette - July 12th, 2010

Dinner party at the home of Christian and Colette to welcome the guests from Newport Beach, CA.

Chef Wolf presenting the Rack of Lamb

Rack of Lamb !!

Everyone enjoying a wonderful dinner of Rack of Lamb, Courgette en Eventail (Tomatoes inserted into sliced Zucchini), Shrimp Provencale, Creme Caramel ... red and rose wine ... and Champagne !!

Mayor of Newport Beach - Keith Curry and his wife Pam Curry

Christian and Wolf receiving commemorative Newport Beach shirts.

Schwaebisch Gmuend - preparing for October festivities

Mayor of Schwaebisch Gmuend, Richard Arnold, speaking with the children while waiting to begin the meeting with the members of Antibes and Gmuend Jumelages Associations.

In years passed, Schwaebisch Gmuend celebrated the event known as 'Bistro d'Antibes'. This event, once again, will occur this upcoming October. The Jumelages Associations of Antibes and Gmuend, along with Mayor Arnold, met to discuss and plan for the occasion.

Dinner at the home of Gundi and Ali (Alfred) Mertens. Present were Wolf and daughter Isabelle Burg, Alain Josse and Katrin Bechstein. They are all involved with the planning and organization of the 'Bistro d'Antibes.

Alain Josse is responsible in the Schwaebisch Gmuend Association for maintainting the twinning relationship with Antibes.

Edelbert Krieg, Wolf Burg, Martina Krieg (daughter), Alain Josse and Rosy Krieg (wife of Edelbert). Mr. Krieg was one of the founding members of the Schwaebisch Gmuend - Antibes Assocations and was very proactive in the creation of the solid friendships between the two towns.

Alain Josse, Sepp Reuter, Ulle Reuter (daughter) and Wolf Burg

Sepp Reuter and his family were also very active with establishing the relationships between Schwaebisch Gmuend and Antibes.

Bistro d'Antibes - October 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2010.
Location: Schwerzer-Halle, Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany

French specialities, French music and French wine will be featured at the event.

Greek Evening - May 22nd, 2010

Mr. A. Michailos, Consul General of Greece, addressing the guests from Antibes Jumelages and the Greek community.

Dinner is served with a Greek menu

Entertainment: Greek trio playing traditional Greek music

Greek folk dancers dancing to Greek music

The Greek evening was organized by Antibes Jumelages and was held in the Salle du Huit Mai in Antibes. We hope to visit our Greek sister-city Olympia next year (2011).